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Premium Path to Promotion

Get Promoted: Premium Path to Promotion

Are you tired of working hard without recognition?

Are you seeing others less skilled, intelligent and capable people getting promoted ahead of you?

Are you sick of not be able to contribute properly?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you need help getting a promotion. Waiting will not work. Working harder will not work and giving up isn’t a solution either.

If you’re fully committed to making a change and want to get that promotion that you deserve, then let’s work together to get you promoted. Yes, I’m serious. If you are ready to start doing something constructive about it then you will get that promotion. Definitely.

If you want to feel confident enough to put yourself forward as a candidate. If you want to pitch your experience as being not just relevant but exceptional. If you want to make a real difference, then you know you do it by getting promoted and contributing to decisions at a senior level. No whinging about management, you get the opportunity to fix it.

About the Programme – How does it work?

The process is simple, we explore your behavioural and leadership style, we map the path to promotion and we work together to bridge the gap. This is 1:1 professional development programme tailored to your specific needs, to your specific work environment and adopts a very practical view. We utilise the solution focused, OSKAR model, to take you from waiting to winning.

About You – Committed and Hard-working

Join this programme only if you’re very serious about making getting promoted and recognise the benefit of getting the targeted help to do it. It will be hard-work and you will have to carve out time to do the work and the thinking necessary to make it work. This in an intensive 100 day programme and we work together very closely throughout. Fiona will be available to your throughout the programme. This programme is not for everyone, it is only for those who can’t stand where they are and will do something about it.

Want to get thinking now? Ask yourself these questions

  • What’ll happen if I do this programme i.e. get promoted?
  • What’ll happen if I don’t get promoted?
  • What won’t happen if I get promoted?
  • What won’t happen if I don’t get promoted?

Promotion = Big Impact + Better World

It’s difficult to make an impact if your voice isn’t heard. If you want to make an impact, you need to be heard, to contribute meaningfully and make a difference. If you want to change your thoughts and behaviour so you can get promoted and have an impact, then this programme is for you.

Premium Path to Promotion

  • 1:1 Individual Coaching: Practical solution oriented approach
  • Personality and Gap Analysis
  • Tailored Coaching and Implementation Plan
  • Extended hours availability – Fiona is available to you when you need it
  • Investment £2,500

Contact Fiona by phone 07341513095 or email to book your place today.

What enables you to perform confidently?

Is it your skill, attitude or motivation?

Is it different for everyone?

So many answers to all these questions some general and some very specific. What you may like to know about me is that I think I come across confidently and some recent feedback even mentioned ‘gravitas’. So, how come, despite all this confidence, I had a career ‘melt-down’ in the middle of making a cup of tea?

Well, that’s a really good story so I’ll have to put it in a future blog article. If you cannot wait, do drop me a line and I’d be happy to chat to you about it.


Fiona Kearns is a business executive and coach experienced in helping individuals and organisations achieve their potential.

Fiona has completed her MSc in Occupational and Business psychology and helps individuals & organisations achieve their potential.

Special Interests: Workplace Performance, Diverse teams, Leadership, Employee Engagement, Unconscious bias, Psychology, Public Speaking and Toxic Teams.

Fiona is skilled in questioning, challenging and delivering feedback to individuals. Fiona has developed a strong skillset in leadership, people & organisational development, confidence-building and public speaking.



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