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How has Fiona helped? Fiona Kearns

Would you like to feel more confident in your performance? Are you afraid you’ll be found out? Are you ready to take even a small step to do something about it? Fiona can help you.

Fiona has worked with managers, business executives and owners, doctors, nurses, solicitors, accountants, coaches and CEO’s.

Here’s a flavour of what clients say about their experience of working with Fiona.


Michelle O’Donnell-Keating, Co-founder Women for Election

“It is not often that you come across people who can mix a challenging yet encouraging approach. Women for Election had the pleasure of working with Fiona Kearns as she delivered training to electoral candidates, and I highly recommend Fiona. Fiona challenges participants to recognise the value of language and importance of relating to people, while providing a structured approach to help people tackling tough communication issues. Her highly practical approach is engaging and all participants left better communicators!”


Doris McCann, Founder of Sisters of Faith for Peace

Recently, I had to deliver a speech at an event officiated by the Irish First Lady, Sabina Higgins. Not feeling very confident in the area of public speaking, I consulted with Fiona who came highly recommended.

In a short period of time, Fiona really helped me clarify my core message and this enabled me to communicate effectively to the audience.

Her very real tips and hands-on guidance made a huge difference. She challenged me with clarity exactly in the areas that I needed to improve on but she did so with patience and empathy.

Through this, I was able to confidently deliver a speech that not only spoke at the audience, but to them.

The positive feedback I received afterwards was confirmation of that. Many people commented and expressed how deeply touched they were, several asked for a copy of the speech.

I can whole-heartedly recommend Fiona’s professional, hands-on and sincere support and want to thank her for helping me to deliver this speech so successfully.”

Colette van Jaarsveld Sustainable Design Delivered l Founding Director Arcology International LLC

We sought Fiona’s assistance particularly with regards to presentation methods as much of our delivery around the sustainable materials would be educating/informing specifiers/clients who would be relatively unfamiliar with the products.
We found Fiona fantastic; always calm yet precise and always seeking the optimum outcome for the client…’a renowned and recommended copywriter for the spoken word…!’

Bernadette Parte

★Founder of Parte & Associates, Solicitors, helping clients & their families protect their assets and their dignity

I sought advice from Fiona before delivering a speech and her input was invaluable. Fiona gave great tips both on the content of the speech itself and on the actual physical delivery of it – how to stand, project my voice, put my hands etc. As a result, when it came to giving the speech, I felt confident and was happy that I was able to get my message across to my audience.

Pamela Harrison

H F Consulting Ltd

Working with Fiona I have been able to agree a clear communication plan with my target market. The key area I wanted to work with Fiona on was improving my networking skills and making use of networking opportunities by been more visible at such events, Fiona has given me great advice on approaching new clients and the confidence to believe that any future client would be lucky to have me advising their business. Fiona also is very flexible and willing to adapt her programme to meet her clients needs

Hilda Dooley

PhD student at Teagasc

My job includes communicating results of my research and I have never been the most confident speaker. Knowing that I had to speak in front of 20 people I enlisted Fiona for advice and guidance.She helped me improve my general communication skills. But more specifically, she identified ways that I could improve presentation of myself which in turn led to greater confidence in myself. Fiona is a professional yet very approachable person and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for help with improving their communication skills.

David Duggan

Programme Director at Common Purpose Ireland

Fiona is a professional and engaging speaker who has contributed to Common Purpose programmes as an experienced leader providing illuminating and inspiring insights to young and emerging leaders across public, private and not for profit sectors. Entertaining, unflinching and funny I would recommend anyone who has dealt with tough proffessional situations to hear her speak as they will take a great deal from listening to her.

Karolina Gwinner

Leadership and Presentation Skills Trainer | Social Media Strategist | Creating Charismatic and Influential Leaders

I have known Fiona since 2009 and found her to be a very professional and highly driven individual. Always straight-talking, Fiona brings a practical and positive outlook to each and every project. She also has a great ability to set ambitious goals, create actions plans and deliver excellent results. She is supportive, encouraging and pleasant to work with. I admire Fiona as a speaker, trainer and coach.

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