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Not listened to in meetings, here’s why!

Fiona Kearns –  Fiona helps you eliminate wishy-washy language so that you can make an impact in meetings. Contact Fiona to discover how you can have more impact Not … Continue reading

5th July 2016

Helping Compliance Officers

Really delighted to be helping the Association of Compliance Officers of Ireland with the Speaking skills – an absolute requirement to be a leader #perform better. Read Irish Compliance Quarterly Summer … Continue reading

27th June 2016

Are you promoting the right person?

You notice different accents but do you know when someone has a different speaking style? Twice this week, people from ‘up North’ in England shared frustration with differences in communication … Continue reading

23rd June 2016

SME Women Leaders – Invitation to CEOs and MDs

Barriers and Facilitators of success for women who lead SME’s Fiona is completing a MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology dissertation on women leaders at Kingston University London. She is … Continue reading

10th June 2016

My brain is fried!

Is it baby-brain? I hope so as otherwise my brain is totally fried. Yesterday, I arrived for a funeral a day early! I’ve gotten so self-conscious about it, I double … Continue reading

18th February 2016

Don’t you know that already?

Ever been in a situation where someone is training on an area you work in and look for volunteers as they demonstrate? ‘Should I pretend?’ ‘Oh god, should I volunteer … Continue reading

10th February 2016

General Election Part II: Action not words Politics

  Following the communication workshop, highly esteemed political journalist Johnny Fallon joined us to close out the day. He further underlined key communication principles we’d been practicing earlier in the … Continue reading

4th February 2016

General Election Part I: Old and New Politics

I delivered a communication workshop for general election candidates specifically designed to improve communication and deal with tricky questions. It was a privilege to be in a room of hard-working, … Continue reading

27th January 2016

How confidently do you speak on email?

It’s one of my dreams to be known as the confidence queen. The only thing is, I’m not always confident so it feels a bit disingenuous to take on the … Continue reading

21st January 2016

Who will you miss this Christmas?

I’m in Cornwall at the moment enjoying the warmer climes and fantastic sights here including the Eden Project. As we walked through the rainforest biome, they had a section to … Continue reading

22nd December 2015

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