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24 hours in Berlin – Fiona Kearns

24 hours is way too short for Berlin so first step is to be well rested to make the absolute most of it. I will squeeze in as much as possible … Continue reading

3rd December 2016

The Psychology of Scarcity!

Ever found yourself in the position of getting an offer that you’re not interested in and then, the offer comes off the table. This happened to me and I found … Continue reading

24th November 2016

Hyperventilating & Crap Advice

I love snorkelling. It’s unbelievably amazing, especially on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. So imagine my shock when I got in and started hyperventilating. It took me a few … Continue reading

27th October 2016

Sales Presentations: After the Event – Building Relationships

How did your presentation really go? Did it help Sales? It’s essential to review how it went and look at improvements for next time. Objectives: Did you meet them? A … Continue reading

8th September 2016

Sales Presentation – Saying No!

Handling those tough sales questions: Saying No to a Request In the commercial world, we’ll always want to put our best side out. However, we may have to communicate messages … Continue reading

17th August 2016

Sales Presentation – What to do on the day

Start and End on time: Respect others people’s time, it’s unbelievably frustrating for people to assume you’ve nothing better to do than hang around needlessly. Plus, being on-time builds your … Continue reading

4th August 2016

Prepping a Sales Presentation

Sales presentations can be easy or very tricky. Prepare for tricky, it helps everyone. These are tips to give your launch, seminar or workshop the impact it needs. Keep it … Continue reading

28th July 2016

Can gestures make you more Charismatic?

Research tells us that the most charismatic leaders use 7 particular types of gestures. Simply by developing your hand gestures you can enhance your personal charisma significantly. Fiona Kearns helps you … Continue reading

20th July 2016

Improve Performance 25% with Feedback

My baby found the coal bucket today. As you can imagine, I took swift action to extricate him and the coal from the cream carpet. It was already too late … Continue reading

13th July 2016

When do you have your Meetings?

Fiona Kearns –  Fiona helps you eliminate wishy-washy language so that you can make an impact in meetings. Contact Fiona to discover how you more impact in meetings When … Continue reading

8th July 2016

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