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24 hours in Berlin – Fiona Kearns

24 hours is way too short for Berlin so first step is to be well rested to make the absolute most of it. I will squeeze in as much as possible including time to wait at traffic lights for the green man which is an absolute essential – you’ve been warned!

What do I love about Berlin? It’s easy to get around, it’s steeped in culture past and present and is a modern fun city. Please note, unless I bring a babysitter, nightlife will not be big feature in my day but if it’s yours Berlin will not disappoint! If you’re heading for Berlin, you’re bound to have your own to do list – Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg gate, the Tiergarten, the Reichstag, the Zoologischer Garten or the Aquarium. All are good choices, so I’m going to share my top three picks to add to your list for 24 hours in Berlin.

Book a Tour

Do a tour, any tour! There are lots of bus tours which give you a great overview of the city and help you get your bearings if you fancy doing some walking in the city. I love the walking tours. I find you get a much more personal insight into the city. However, they can be too long and even if they say they’re free… they’re not free. I’ve never finished a free tour and not paid the going rate and I doubt I’m alone!

Breakfast at Fernsehturm

For breakfast, I recommend Berliner Fernsehturm, Television Tower, but not the regular breakfast, the champagne breakfast. The view is absolutely amazing, the service is excellent and when we went on a week-day we go bumped to better seats which was the icing on the cake. Savour the view while you prepare for the rest of your 24 hours in Berlin.

Holocaust Memorial

One the unexpected highlights for me was the Holocaust Memorial. At first, it looks like lots of blocks as you’d expect from a modern art exhibit. Walk through it though and you get immersed in it. You can almost feel the growing distance from normality as you go deeper and the despair that rises up within you when you are surrounded by impossibly high walls in one of the valleys is unbelievably eery. I was glad to get back on the foot-path, a great reminder that what something looks like from the outside can be very different to what’s going inside.

Berlin is such a great city it’s got a wealth of history, it’s down-to-earth style means hotels and meals are reasonable for an international city and best of all it leaves you wanting more. I certainly want to go back again soon and I want to spend much longer than 24 hours in Berlin.


Travelling is such a great way to challenge yourself, do something different and have lots of fun. I love the finer things in life and I enjoy treating myself to them on a daily basis or bigger treats on great weekend breaks like Berlin or Paris.

P.S. A trip to Berlin would also help replenish my favourite Earl Grey Tea by Teekanne that isn’t available in the UK!

24 Hours in Berlin I'd buy teekanne-earl-grey

24 Hours In... Fiona Kearns



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