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Sales Presentations: After the Event – Building Relationships

How did your presentation really go? Did it help Sales? It’s essential to review how it went and look at improvements for next time.

Objectives: Did you meet them?

A sales presentation is an opportunity to show-case your offering but it’s ultimately about building relationships so that clients will buy from you. Are they comfortable buying from you and your company? Comfort is a high bar and that means:Fiona Kearns Contest Chair Solo Close Up May 13

  • Do they believe you’ll help them when it’s not going smoothly?
  • Will you deliver a high level of service (Non-sales staff at presentation will support this)?
  • Listen carefully to feedback on the day

Follow-up: Build the Relationship

A sales presentation is not about selling on the day, although be ready to if they want that, it’s about getting to know your client. Follow-up with everyone you spoke to personally, you may have their business card from chats on the day or get their details from the event database. Decide if it’ll be an email, phone call or whether you’d like to go visit them. This will be all the easier if you’ve let them know you’ll be doing one of these on the day. This will be in addition to a ‘bulk’ follow-up email that will go to all attendees. TIP: If you’re doing the bulk emailing, differentiate between those who came on the day and those who couldn’t. It’s a bit of work but you’re building your credibility all the time.

Staying Visible: PR Campaign

It’s important to remain visible to potential customers and this means the personal touch and being visible publicly too. An ideal time to conduct a marketing campaign is following an event. Budgets will vary but an online campaign at a minimum for the very thrifty! It supports your good-standing created at the event and positions you as a provider of choice.

Good Luck with your sales.

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Fiona is an Occupational and Business Psychology researcher completing her MSc in Kingston University, London and is interested in Business, Psychology, Leadership, Speaking & Politics. Specialist Interest: Unconscious Bias and Leadership

Fiona Kearns is a public speaking Specialist and an ICT business executive and experienced in delivering on KPI’s. As a coach, Fiona is skilled in questioning; challenging, delivering feedback and helping individuals speak up confidently. Within the ICT field, she specialises in developing and translating ideas into completed projects making informed decisions based on strategic vision and commercial analysis.


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