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Improve Performance 25% with Feedback

My baby found the coal bucket today. As you can imagine, I took swift action to extricate him and the coal from the cream carpet. It was already too late and I waBaby coal bucket 13-07-2016, 21 57 44s just limiting the damage. In work this happens too, a senior manager steps in to avert a crisis which could have been prevented with a bit of planning and effective feedback. Once the crisis has been averted, the focus often falls on the skill of the great saviour or on how rubbish the person was who allowed it to happen. If you’re a business owner, executive or senior manager, it’s essential that you can deliver effective feedback and debriefs (feedback after the crisis!).

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According to Tannenbaum and Cerasoli (2013), feedback in the form of debriefs can improve individual and group performance by up to 25%. It’s quick and low-cost but delivering feedback is a skill that needs to be developed.

Lots of meetings require feedback skills including performance review, project and client meetings. Three specific suggestions include

  • Focus on the objective: Improvement is the reason for the discussion, not blame!
  • Be accurate and direct: don’t hide or lessen the issue, it helps no-one
  • Plan next steps: development strategy

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About the author:

Fiona is an Occupational and Business Psychology researcher completing her MSc in Kingston University, London and is interested in Business, Psychology, Leadership, Speaking & Politics. Specialist Interest: Unconscious Bias and Leadership

Fiona Kearns is a Public Speaking Specialist and an ICT business executive and experienced in delivering on KPI’s. As a coach, Fiona is skilled in questioning; challenging, delivering feedback and helping individuals speak up confidently. Within the ICT field, she specialises in developing and translating ideas into completed projects making informed decisions based on strategic vision and commercial analysis.

Tannenbaum, Scott I. and Cerasoli, Christopher P.  Do Team and Individual Debriefs Enhance Performance? A Meta-Analysis Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society February 2013 55: 231-245



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