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When do you have your Meetings?

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When do you have your regular meetings? Monday is a popular one but it’s one of the poorest for attendance – people take long weekends and there’s the office public holidays too. ‘When is good’, see link below, tells us that 3pm on Tuesday is the one where you’ll have most people agree but that doesn’t make it the best time and its variation from morning time is marginal. Also, agreeing to a meeting shouldn’t be the only determinant of when to hold a meeting – productivity is a more important factor. Personally, I much prefer a morning meeting so that it’s out of the way and you’ve got the rest of the day to start the actions. Research supports mid-morning as being a good time too.

Tell me about your meetings

  • What day/time do you have your regular meetings?
  • Do you have meetings every day/most days/once-a-week/fortnightly/monthly/other?
  • Is there an agenda?
  • Is it minuted or otherwise documented?
  • Does everyone get the opportunity to speak?
  • How is aggression and conflict managed?
  • How is the success of the meeting measured?

……too many questions? Answer as many as you can or email me




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