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Save the Sale: What to actually say when it’s going wrong!

Have you been in that crucial meeting, interview or vital presentation and you get the sense you’re not delivering what they want? Yes, it’s happened to me. Now, there are lots of reasons why this might be the case. You might be nervous, over-thinking it and lots of other reasons too. We could explore meeting dynamics, power plays and personal viewpoints but not today.

What will help you perform?

What I’m really interested in is what will help your performance in the moment. What would it mean to you to get the job, make your point or get the sale? For me, it was worth taking a risk. So, I said what I thought which was ‘I’m not sure I’m really answering your questions fully’. The conversation changed. It rapidly moved from the wrapping it up stage to further exploration and planning next steps. Now the final outcome is not yet known but it’s looking very positive. What can you do to turn a wrong into a win?

Suggestions on how to Speak-up Confidently

Listen to what the person is saying. What words are they using? Are they engaged in the conversation?  What are they saying in response to your replies?

Look for Rapport. Are you using the same words? What’s the eye-contact and body language like? Are you both in sync or is there something off?

Change Something. It’s a risk so make certain it’s a calculated one by making sure it’s not all completely in your head. Then, do it.

Contact Fiona today – Would you like to have a conFiona Kearns D71 Contest Chair Final May 13versation with me about how you can Speak-Up Confidently in meetings, interviews or presentations, then contact me now on to arrange a time.

Psychology of Influence: Here’s a link to a video on Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence

Did my change make me more likeable or was it something else?


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