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Irish Politicians are Better at…..

Social Media. It’s the modern means of connecting with people. It’s a hot topic for business who want to connect with their target market. Politicians want to connect with their voter and offer transparency and accountability to their voters via social media. Who knew?

As a proud supporter of Women for Election, I engage with many women already in politics or thinking of getting involved. It’s invigorating. At a recent event, Marja-Kristina Akinsha shared with me some fascinating insights into politician’s social media behaviour based on her research. She shared how Irish Politicians, senators specifically being the focus of her study are steps ahead in terms of deeper engagement with the women in particular taking lead. Listen to this short interview with Marja-Kristina on her insights.

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Marja-Kristina Akinsha in conversation with Fiona Kearns

Listen here….MK Akinsha  F Kearns Jan 2015


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