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What’s your Politics?

Do you rail against the unfairness of office politics or politics outside of work? Have you ever met anyone that has ever said they love politics? Perhaps not in the office politics sense.

However, when yFiona Kearns D71 Contest Chair Final May 13 Full Lengthou consider Politics with a capital P, it’s another matter. It’s easy to be cynical about politicians, they’ve a terrible reputation and sometimes it is well-deserved. My experience of working with Women for Election and local groups such as the Longford Manifesto Group is completely at odd with that reputation. The candidates that I met believe in a better society and are focused on doing something about it. They’re doers not talkers. Despite all the flack and begrudgers, they press ahead. I’m a big supporter of people using their voice . In politics, it seems like we only hear a single voice and often that’s the white middle-aged male. What about the rest of population? Are we an diverse population? How are our citizens being heard?

In working with women local and national level candidates, I have helped them make the most of their voice so they can represent their constituents in the best possible way.


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