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Olivia Schofield: The Doyenne amidst the Disappointment

Olivia Schofield in conversation with Fiona Kearns

3 Olivia Schofield Fiona Kearns Belfast Nov 14IMG_2557Ever been looking forward to something so much and then been disappointed? Yes, that was me back in 2011 at the International Speech semi -finals and finals contest in Las Vegas. I arrived expecting inspiration, variety and international diversity. Instead, I encountered formulaic speeches and more death than a slasher movie!

What happened next changed it all. I encountered Olivia Schofield. Now there was a speaker who was genuine, could tell a story and inspire! Olivia was the speaker who made the trip worthwhile and the 2011 finals did not disappoint.

I’m delighted to share this audio blog of Olivia Schofield  in conversation with me about what makes a great leader.



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