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About Fiona Kearns

Business & Occupational Psychology Researcher. Blogger – Leadership, Business Psychology & Speaking13536138_1051875244866193_828391675_n

Fiona blogs about public speaking and performance psychology. Here are a few of Fiona’s pet projects…..
➔ Beat the Boardroom Bias: Leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of Unconscious Bias and a tool-kit for managing it at boardroom level.
➔ Leadership Development: helping organisations and women design the environment for outstanding leadership
➔ Managing Bias Workshops: helping you uncover and eliminate bias so you get broader participation from a group and to ensure the best people come through as leaders using the works of experienced authors and psychological research.
➔ Speak-up Confidently seminars: covers lots of things but the one most in demand is how to deal with tricky questions. Think about your most nightmarish questions…….and now imagine knowing how to deal with it confidently.
➔ Success factors of women led SME’s: the barriers and success factors for business leaders

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